• Areas:Healthcare and Medicine, Science and Education, Culture and Arts; Sport
  • The program operates since 2016
  • Program area: Avdiyivka, Donetsk Region
  • Recipient of charitable aid: children living in the town of Avdiyivka

  • What we have done in 2018:

    What we have done in 2017:

    What we have done in 2016:

  • For more than 2 years now, the town of Avdiyivka, Donetsk Region, has been experiencing hard times. Heavy shelling, explosions, shooting have become an integral part in lives of the town’s residents. The distance between Avdiyivka and the occupied Donetsk makes only 6 km, and the nearest battlefield positions are located as close as in sight of residential quarters – just 500 m away.
  • In 2014, continual shelling from long-range artillery and multiple rocket launchers targeting industrial and residential areas caused interruption of power, gas, water supply, stoppage of enterprises, and nearly 30,000 residents leaving the town. Winter of 2015 saw the first ever shutdown of the town’s backbone industrial enterprise – Avdiyivka Coke and Chemical Plant, after it had been hit by approx. 200 shells. Starting from spring 2016, Avdiyivka’s industrial zone has again become one of the hottest spots in the Anti-Terrorist Operation area.
  • Over the period of hostilities, nearly every third apartment has been damaged and every tenth house destroyed in the town, a number of hospitals, kindergartens and schools have been hit. According to the National Police, 50 civilians have been killed and 460 civilians injured, with 8 out of them being children. 
  • On the brighter note, the town is taking efforts to recover and live on. Today, residents are coming back and their total number now reaches 21,500, where 1,800 are children. 5 schools and 4 kindergartens have resumed work; a gym has opened in the town.
  • Despite Avdiyivka is gradually coming back to life, shellfire has never stopped. This adversely affects children’s psychological condition, health, and normal development. Children, who almost every day see warlike activities and have to run for cover to cellars and shelters, need special attention, assistance, and rehabilitation. Support is also needed for reconstruction of schools, kindergartens, and hospitals.
  • Objective:
  • improve the psychological condition of children living in Avdiyivka;
  • improve educational and treatment conditions for children in institutions and facilities of Avdiyivka;
  • resume work of schools, kindergartens, hospitals.
  • Techniques and methods:
  • Organising and holding cultural, educational, and sporting events to raise funds for little residents of Avdiyivka;
  • Searching for benefactors and raising funds for the programme’s implementation;
  • Organizing psychological trainings and entertainments, sporting and cultural events for children living in Avdiyivka;
  • Providing opportunities for children’s treatment, health improvement, rehabilitation;
  • Inviting children to attend UWCF’s cultural, educational, and sporting events to cheer up and support them;
  • Targeted assistance to families with children that have suffered from military operations;
  • Charitable aid to schools, kindergartens, hospitals located in the area;
  • Engaging volunteer organizations in the project’s implementation.
  • Cooperation:
  • central governmental and local authorities, charitable organisations, volunteer organisations, celebrities.