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Temper Your Character

Date: February 2019

Boxing today is one of the most spectacular type of sport, also popular among young people. Among the winners in the battles of the Olympic Games were the ancient philosophers Pythagoras and Plutarch; Byron and Hemingway were engaged in boxing.

Half a year has passed since boxing classes gained popularity among girls and boys in the Strength of Spirit boxing club of Active Leisure project, Charity Fund UWCF in Rodyna social and rehabilitation centre.

The United World Cultures Foundation is interested in the physical development of boys and girls therefore they are easily integrated into society. Twice a week, volunteer Valentyna Logvynenko leads boxing training sessions. Sports activities are an integral part of the physical development of a person, and for people with disabilities, sport is also a kind of medicine. All - both girls and boys - like boxing very much, because this is for them a mass of positive emotions, skills of discipline and endurance.

Boxing is necessary for children with various disabilities For improving their physical development. But the main goal is to popularize a healthy lifestyle among children for integration into the normal life of society.