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Embroidery unites generations

The Day of Ukrainian vyshyvanka is a chain of the past, present and future for every Ukrainian. We, modern Ukrainians, are the connecting link between the past of our nation with its history, traditions and our future.

The history of vyshyvanka with its origins is deeply rooted in the past. Even according to the testimony of the famous ancient Greek historian, geographer and traveler Herodotus, the clothes of Scythians, who lived in our lands during 8 B.C. - 4 A.D., were adorned with embroidery.

Usually, we wear vyshyvanka on holidays! Today is a special day precisely because in each region, in every city and town Ukrainians are united by embroidery and song!

The United World Cultures Foundation popularizes Ukrainian culture: embroideries, songs, dances, everything that is an inexhaustible treasury that educates future generations in the spirit of national traditions, teaches to appreciate and be proud of what was created over the centuries.

On this festive day, the UWCF Charitable Foundation presents to its readers the folklore ensemble "Pervotsvit" of the Kiev Children's Art School No. 2 named after V. M. Verikovsky, whose leader is Yulia Gershtun. The "Pervotsvit" ensemble carries a rich material and spiritual culture of Ukraine, which is a kind of reflection of the souls of our ancestors, contributes to the formation of national consciousness of youth. Julia revives songs of a national character that have multifaceted educational opportunities: the life of the Ukrainian people, their way of life, customs, traditions, high moral qualities. The main goal of the leader of the folklore ensemble "Pervotsvit" and the UWCF is the preservation of Ukrainian values and their popularization among young people and the general population.

As experience shows, on Vyshyvanka Day people are always happy and smiling, there are songs everywhere. We invite everyone to wear vyshyvanka and go to work or study!

Have an excellent mood and colorful impressions! Know, many symbols of strength, prosperity, beauty and charms are encoded in vyshyvanka and in the song.