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Raising a successful and happy child

March 4, 2017

On March 4, 2017, Charitable Foundation "United World Cultures Foundation" within the framework of the "Let's make children's lives better" program visited one of the most ancient cities of Ukraine, which was founded around the 6th-7th centuries. According to legend, the town was called Khminichi and was the center of one of the Drevlyanian tribes - Minsk citizens. A difficult, centuries-old path was passed by the victorious city of stonemasons Korostyshiv, over the quiet and dreamy Teteriv (Zhytomyr region).

Among granite rocks and old vines there is a special children's “town”. This is the Korostyshiv specialized general education boarding school for special children whose parents are on the wrong path, who have been hurt and neglected in their young life. This house give such children joy, satiety and interest.

The Charity Fund "United World Cultures Foundation" pays great attention to the educational sector, in particular, book distribution. The Foundation replenishes the book funds of educational institutions, libraries, museums of mini-libraries with selections of books and albums, conducts actions to transfer books to institutions and individuals, and is attached to all-Ukrainian programs. So this time we joined the All-Ukrainian program "Ukrainian Book" of the International Charity Fund "Wings" and transferred books from the publishing house "SUMMIT-BOOK" to the school library of the Korostyshiv Specialized Boarding School.

"Reading has a special therapeutic effect, it helps our pupils with various speech disorders. The more time a child spends in the library, the richer the vocabulary he/she has, the longer and more correct sentences he/she can skillfully formulate. When they read historical books, books about art, they open an endless world of words, because every minute of daily reading becomes for them the next step to a development of better speech. Reading becomes a wonderful magical transition to the world of children's fantasies ", - summed up, looking through the books, the director of the boarding school Vitaly Makarchuk.

Moral, creative and intellectual development of a pupil is impossible without books - books have long been considered the best source of knowledge and upbringing.

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