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UWCF has diversified winter holidays for children

Date: January 2019

Young friends of the Red Cross Society (Svyatoshyn district, Kyiv) from large families, low-income families and families of participants of the antiterrorist operation, families of internally displaced persons and children deprived of parental care, in the framework of the program “Lets Improve Children’s Lives” got an invitation to a winter fairy tale - Center for Culture and History of Ancient Rus - Kievan Rus Park (Kopachiv village, Obukhiv district, Kyiv region).

“The whole family walk to the culture park for low-income families is quite expensive, not every family can spend money on travel, so the UWCF’s program was a pleasant surprise for them” said Sonya Karetskaya, member of the Red Cross Society (Svyatoshyn district, Kyiv).

The whole day, spent on a trip to the park "Kievan Rus" in communication with nature, gave its results - children are satisfied, discovered the whole park with nature, architecture and amazing sculptures. Organizational moments took on Vitalina Korabets (Svyatoshyn Red Cross Society of Kyiv). In total, about 60 people took part in the event - children and their families.

Boys and girls learned more about history, were able to analyze and clarify for themselves the milestones of the life of the ancient Slavs.

The project is carried out in a historically significant place mentioned in the annals, the most consistent with the landscape and repeats the vegetation of ancient Kyiv thousands of years ago - next to the river Stugna the Kopachiv village Obukhiv district, Kyiv region.

In the “Kievan Rus Park”, a reconstruction of the estate of Kyiv citizen (XI-XII centuries) was built, which was found in 1975 during the metro construction in Podil, Kyiv. The house is built in the technique "v oblo", the window and porch are decorated with carvings. The manor is fenced with a low wooden paling, wooden entrance gates are built.

Being in “Kievan Rus” park, little guests discovered piece of history of all mankind about the meaning, role and influence of Ancient Kyiv, Kievan Rus, Ukraine and all Eastern Europe on the formation and development of civilization in the past and present.