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St. Nicholas visits the "Family"

Charitable Foundation "United World Cultures Foundation" / UWCF, visited the “Family” rehabilitation center for children with disabilities, which is located in Kyiv, Boulevard Vaclav Havel, 15A.

Before the holiday the teachers have been telling the girls and the boys the stories about St. Nicholas, reminding them that they should be polite so St. Nicholas will bring gifts to good children, and naughty ones will get twigs.

Children have been eagerly waiting for the arrival of St. Nicholas, and were looking in the window.

Finally St. Nicholas arrived. There was a lot of joy! Saint Nicholas gave charm and kindness to the holiday. The program was filled with entertaining numbers, dances. St.Nicholas did not bypassed the teachers, social workers, psychologists, whose care protects children every day.

At the end of the event we all got together to enjoy the holiday dinner, which was prepared by the Foundation "United World Cultures Foundation"(UWCF).

St Nicholas promised to continue to protect good and polite children, shook hands with each baby and left the center.

Magical winter brings us a lot of holidays. There is a New Year, Christmas and Maslenitsa (Butter week) yet to celebrate ...