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Students in the “SOLOwayART” Project: Contests Winners

Date: September-December 2020

For the second year in a row, the United World Cultures Foundation (UWCF), within the framework of the program “Children of Avdiivka” that has been running since 2016, takes part and is among the winners in the competition of social projects “Let’s Improve Avdiivka Together” from the NGO “Avdiivka. Joint Action Platform” in partnership with the Military-Civilian Administration of Avdiivka, with the support of Metinvest LLC.

This year, the jury members gave preference to the “SOLOwayART” Social and Artistic Project, and in early September awarded a grant of UAH 50,756 for its implementation. The award was given to the direct participants of the project – students of the Avdiivka School No. 1.

The first step in the implementation of the winning project was the holding of a drawing contest “SOLOwayART” among students of grades 1-9 of the Avdiivka School No. 1 on the topic “ Nightingale Songs”, as well as historical and artistic research by students of grades 7-9 on the theme “Ukrainian and Japanese culture: so distant and so close”.

Thus, in September 2020, the said contests were announced, and in late November, their results were summed up and the winners announced.

78 students took part in the “SOLOwayART” Drawing Contest. From the three age categories (grades 1-4, grades 5-7, grades 8-9), three winners were selected. The winners are the following:

Category 1 (grades 1-4):

1st place – Mark Zghonnyk (9 y.o.), 4th grade

2nd place – Uliana Savelieva (8 y.o.), 3rd grade

3rd place – Dmytro Kompaniiets (7 y.o.), 2nd grade

Category 2 (grades 5-7):

1st place – Anna Pysarenko (11 y.o.), 6th grade

2nd place – Roman Samokhvalov (12 y.o.), 6th grade

3rd place – Mykyta Klymchenko (11 y.o.), 5th grade

Category 3 (grades 8-9):

1st place – Karyna Baranova (13 y.o.), 8th grade

2nd place – Aliona Serhiienko (13 y.o.), 8th grade

3rd place – Varvara Berezhna (13 y.o.), 8th grade

For the historical and artistic research on the topic “Ukrainian and Japanese culture: so distant and so close”, 6 students prepared reports and out of them one winner was selected – Aliona Serhiienko, a student of the 8th grade.

Lada Yevmina, the manager of the “SOLOwayART” project and executive director of the fund, presented all the winners and participants of two contests with certificates and gifts (table-top games and books).