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Concert of the Kyiv State Ballet School or the Secret of Ballet Shoes

Date: 09.12.2017

Once again, after visiting concert of the students of the Kyiv State Ballet School, we wanted to learn more about the secret of air ballet movements and tried to put on magic ballet shoes.

les pointes des pieds (from the French - fingertips), the name "pointe shoes" - ballet shoes, an indispensable attribute of the dance in the classical ballet. Thanks to the pointe, you can take a position with a fulcrum on the fingertips of the elongated foot of one or both legs, which makes the pose less domestic and more sublime.

All the representations about the complexity of this kind of art at the same time multiplied threefold, because it is very painful to stand on them and it takes a long time for the foot to adapt and acquire the right degree of bending.

In order to be able to dance in ready-made shoes, ballerinas do a lot of different manipulations with them: they sew ribbons-ties and elastic bands, which do not allow "to fall out" to the rise, and slippers to slip off their feet; beat off with a hammer a hard box from a layer of glued tissues so that it does not press or rub fingers anywhere; cut the satin "pin" and tie a crochet, make small incisions on the insole with a knife.

For the spectators, the world of ballet will forever remain a delicate art of lightness and ease, and what on behind - it is known only to those who own the stage.

The concert flew by unnoticed, leaving a trail of pleasant impressions. On the eve of the Christmas holidays, the United World Cultures Foundation congratulated all students with sweet presents and expressed their admiration for the true professionalism of these young stars!