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Do Good and Be Good

Date: October 2020

Our UWCF campaign “Cartload of Books” intends to help children and teenagers enjoy reading and so provides them with books, study guides, stationery goods, teaching and learning materials, and children’s literature. We strive to contribute to children’s intellectual enrichment, their all-round development and harmonious growth.

The pre-school educational centre and gymnasium in settlement Bilylivka in Ruzhyn District, Zhytomyr Region, have received another batch of charity aid – interesting books and materials for children’s development and creativity from the UWCF campaign “Cartload of Books”.

“Children from the pre-school room are only taking their first faltering steps to the country of knowledge: their minders teach them to properly hold pencils in their hands, read letters in the alphabet, and they encourage the kids to develop their creative abilities. Now, with the new books, our little ones will find it even more exciting to prepare for school. These donations are going to be of good use for the children. This is a kindergarten, and when there’s something new and exciting, our kids are always happy. So we would like to say a big thank-you from us and of course from our kids,” recapped volunteer Maksym Paniot.

If children are happy, our UWCF team are happy too.