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Not a Day Goes By Without a Good Deed

Date: November 2019

Over the years of our existence, United World Cultures Foundation has managed to implement a number of charity projects, with all of them being absolutely different. They have been aimed to help children with disabilities, orphan children and children deprived of parental care, gifted children, children of persons participating in the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) and internally displaced families, children living in the area affected by the military conflict in the Eastern Ukraine.

On International Good Deeds Day, the UWCF program “Walking to the Health Land” posted information on social networks – on our Facebook page and in the group “STO Yizhachok” (a community of parents who raise special children from all over the world).

“Dear friends, today is International Good Deeds Day and we would like to give a weighted chain blanket Somnas Kedjetäcke® to a boy or a girl. May this day be filled with light, kindness, love and friendly support! Here is some information about the blanket: the weighted chain blanket Somnas Kedjetäcke® is used for sleep and rest, various activities and games. It helps hyperactive kids to calm down and fall asleep. Somnas Kedjetäcke® has a two-in-one function, which means it is up to you whether you want more or less tactile stimulation. The blanket has one chain side and one padded side so you can easily see which side gives a direct contact to chains. Chains are made of fireproof materials and are available for both children and adults, with the weight of 10 kg. https://somna.se/”.

We received a message right away from a mum who lives in Mykolaiv – she asked us to send this blanket for her dear boy. Our team members from the program “Walking to the Health Land” immediately started preparing the gift for delivery.

United World Cultures Foundation implements dozens of impactful and exciting projects because charity is a one-way ticket, and this is exactly the way we have chosen for ourselves.