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Competitive Festival “Mini Beauty World of Ukraine 2016”

United World Cultures Foundation provided assistance in holding the 11th Children’s Competitive Festival “Mini Beauty World of Ukraine 2016” that took place on 5 June 2016 in the Outdoor Theatre of Shevchenko Central Park of Culture and Leisure in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. This year, the beauty, grace, and various talents were demonstrated to the audience by representatives of 20 Ukrainian regions, aged between 5 and 15.

The competitive festival bears a cultural value and aims to improve aesthetic and educational traditions, as well as facilitates cultural development of the younger generation.

This year, Natalia Kutsenko, UWCF Director, joined the star jury and, together with famous Ukrainian choreographers, designers, sportsmen, singers, and TV presenters, performed the key mission – choosing the winner.

The Grand Prix of the Competitive Festival “Mini Beauty World of Ukraine 2016” was awarded to Anna Chornak, 7, from Uzhhorod.

The event has opened up some new, sparkling talents that UWCF will further involve in various cultural projects and support in their professional growth.