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A little girl with a big soul

This is a story of a beautiful little girl - a pupil of the Social-Rehabilitation Center "Rodyna" Nastya Budnik, with whom the "United World Cultures Foundation" got acquainted during a charity event "Just like me".

Маленькая девочка

During the "Just like me" charitable campaign, the partnership of the "Walking to the Healthland" program of the UWCF Charitable Foundation and the Social-Rehabilitation Center "Rodyna" has acquired a new pleasant form: the Fund's employees got acquainted with the wonderful little girl-volunteer of the Center "Rodyna" Nastya Budnik.

Nastya dreams of becoming a doctor, so all medical supplies make her interested. And when our certified specialist, the head of the "Walking to the Healthland" program Lyudmila Lysenko measured arterial pressure to all comers and conducted appropriate educational work, Nastya could not pass by our tent.

Nastya is a very friendly and sunny child. When you look into her eyes you feel warmth inside.

"We will treat all children! We will play a doctor. Take my pen and we'll measure it again, we’ll set an example," Nastya snapped, coming to visit us. She reassured other children: "It's not scary. Help yourself to cookies and we'll fly into space! Well, what pressure does he have, will we fly into space to the stars? "

Small special fairy Nastya took care of all the children. It is a vivid example for us adults, that gives an opportunity for everyone to understand that special children know a lot and can do many things, they are capable of such victories that are imperceptible at first glance, but such significant for them.

Every child has a dream: someone wants to become an artist, and someone - an astronaut. And Nastya dreams, like thousands of children with special needs, to become a doctor, because she really wants to treat the children. She perfectly finds a common language with children and adults, feels love and reciprocates. The task of adults is to provide such children with faith in order to be full members of our society.