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UWCF Takes IDP Kids for an Archery Class

Archery is one of the oldest skills that turned over time from a way of hunting and fighting into a sport. Archaeological evidence shows that people used arrows as far back in history as in 8-9 centuries B.C.

Archery became an Olympic sport from 1900, when it was admitted to the Summer Olympic Games. 31 years later, the World Archery Federation (WA) was created to hold its first congress in Lviv, under the initiative of the Polish Archery Union. That what also when the first World Archery Championship was held participated by archers from Poland, France, Czechoslovakia, and Sweden.

Today’s most popular form of archery is target shooting with bows and arrows. In Ukraine, this sport is developed and practiced in 15 regions, most of all in Lviv, Chernivtsi, Kyiv and Sumy. Ukrainian archers are well known all over the world, winning medals and breaking records in diverse championships and the Olympic Games.

One of our tasks at United World Cultures Foundation is to raise a healthy, sporty and intelligent generation. For this reason, UWCF implements charity programs in such areas as education, culture, healthcare, and sport.

On 22 October 2016, requested by the non-governmental All-Ukrainian Organization on IDPs’ Affairs, United World Cultures Foundation together with Mr. Oleksandr Shapka, President of the Archery Federation in Kyiv Region, organized a free archery master class for children of internally displaced persons, conducted by instructors of the RUNO Archery Club.

To start with, children were taught some archery basics, and then given the opportunity to independently practice in shooting the targets and check their archery skills by competing in two teams. The kids have remained really pleased with the master class, and lively memories of that day will stay with them for long. Who knows, maybe one of those kids is a future champion!

United World Cultures Foundation would like to express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Oleksandr Shapka, President of the Archery Federation in Kyiv Region, and the RUNO Archery Club, for organizing and conducting the free of charge archery master class for children of internally displaced persons. The kids’ high emotions and smiles are the result of your good deed!