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We look to the future with optimism

Author: Liudmyla Lysenko, Manager of the UWCF program “Walking to the Health Land”

Memory is a mysterious phenomenon that defies any explanation. We collect quite a lot of memories during our lives, which we can remember at any moment and tell others about. Sometimes it is so nice to remember an event that fascinates, causes a rapid pulse, a smile on your face and dreamy sparkle in your eyes. Today I want to share with you, dear readers, a pleasant memory.

I remember in early December 2010 in the Gallery of Arts Development Fund (st. Frolovska, 1/6, Kontraktova Ploshcha Metro Station) the exhibition "Charity through the lens of a camera» was held (http://ufb.org.ua/news /news_forum.htm?id=128), which was organized for the first time by Ukrainian philanthropists forum under the auspices of the Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers. Ukrainian CH "Heart of Motherland" (Lyudmila Lysenko) received 2nd place (Silver Medal of the Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers) with a photo "You're a good and gentle. You are affable. Handsome, glorious. Be healthy, do not get sick. Our dear grandfather! ". The issue of the photograph is quite acute and urgent, in fact it reveals the current state of Ukrainian pensioners. The photo shows a grandfather who with sincere childish joy came to get help from the local service center for retirees. Were my colleagues and I nervous? That's hardly the word ... We didn't know whether people would support our photograph, our vision of charity.

Inspired by memories, on February 7, 2017 I supported the participant of the VII Ukrainian photo contest "Charity in the camera objective" - organized by the Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum under the auspices of the Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers - Margarita ,a girl with Down syndrome from the NGO "Family", because she was so nervous, and it reminded me about my experience. Margarita is great, she didn't lose hope that she would be invited to the stage.

It was nice that the work of the photographer Marina Jaremenko from the "Make a dream come true" project won in the "Charity changes the world" category at the VII photo contest "Charity in the camera objective" and is presented at the photo exhibition in the "Chocolate House" art center.

Larissa Samsonova, the head of the NGO "Family", attended the event and commented: "We dream to create a place where young people such as Rita will learn an occupation, will learn to bake bread, to knead dough, to be able to work. We hope that our dream called "Cup of kindness", that at the beginning was supported by the Auchan Foundation , will be supported by you too, our dear friends, and Rita will have a place where she can feel herself useful for the world."

Anna Gulevskaya-Chernish, the Director of the Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum said that this year the competition received a lot of photographs depicting children. This brings us hope that Ukrainian people continue to help each other and despite everything they look to the future with optimism.

The wife of the Head of State thanked all Ukrainians for responsiveness and support and said: "Ukraine is a country of great will, dignity and brotherhood. We showed the world that together we can create a big change".

At this year's contest the Charitable Foundation "United World Cultures Foundation" was rooting for a photo "Volunteers Barbers" in the "Volunteering makes a difference" category. We are pleased that photograph from the "Funny comb" project of the Charitable Foundation "United World Cultures Foundation" hit the top 40 photographs of more than 500.

Memories are the way of transmitting information from generation to generation, a record of our lives. And sometimes life "throws" us a record we need, that inspires us to new ideas and actions.