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Steps to health promotion

There are events that clearly delineate the face of the United World Cultures Foundation. The initiatives of its collective for the regular celebration of World Health Day are those important events of the UWCF.

Prevention and attention of a person to one's own health are one of the main goals of the Foundation, the means of achieving of which are numerous information materials, speeches of specialists, the distribution of free medicines, supplies, conversations between the population and medical volunteers, who explain in simple and accessible ways the importance of this positive Initiative - to be healthy.

One of the most common complaints about health and one of the most "favorite" diseases in people is high blood pressure. Measurement of so-called blood or arterial pressure is considered to be an important method for diagnosing the state of the body. Timely control of blood pressure can become a guarantee of the preservation of human health and life.

Within the framework of the "Our Health is in Our Hands" project of the "Walking into the Healthland" program, the staff of the "United World Cultures Foundation" and medical volunteers conducted a "Control Your Pressure" action in the "Dzherelo" boarding house where the settlers from the East of Ukraine live. All comers had the opportunity to check their blood pressure and received recommendations on its correct measurement and ways of preventing hypertension. During the examination, patients were told about possible complications and the importance of daily blood pressure monitoring at home.

"High blood pressure was detected in more than 45% of the examined patients - these were the results of a campaign aimed at attracting the attention of citizens to their own health and popularizing preventive actions. Patients with this disease were sent to district therapists and general practitioners. Of course, indicators can change not only due to diseases, but also depending on the weather outside the window, the time of year or even the time of day - external factors also affect the blood pressure of a person. The norm for age has its own meanings. For example, a common thing for a teenager, will be a bad signal that indicates health problems for a middle-aged and older person. Proper independent measurement of blood pressure is an important aspect of successful treatment of arterial hypertension, "commented Evgenia Vakhovskaya, a medical volunteer.

After measuring the pressure, residents of the boarding house were treated with curative Carpathian tea, which contains a complex of vitamins and microelements, saturates the body with vital energy and strength.

"This vitamin herbal tea can rightly be considered a panacea for many diseases. It has a complex healing effect on the entire body. St. John's wort, mint and chamomile improve the digestion process. Hawthorn normalizes the heart rhythm. Nettle, dog rose and raspberry are high in vitamins that have a toning and restorative effect, " said Lyudmila Lysenko, the head of the "Walking into the Healthland" program of the "United World Cultures Foundation".

We wish you all to always stay healthy, cheerful, smile and never get sick!