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UWCF Opens Doors to Kidland for Children from Low-Income Families

On 1 November, United World Cultures Foundation was contacted by the Social Service Office of Shevchenkivskyi District in Kyiv asking to organize an entertaining event for children from low-income and multi-child families.

During school holidays, children most crave for high-energy activities. And what can be more interesting for kids than the entire city looking like a real one and called Kidland? As at United World Cultures Foundation we strive to provide for the all-rounded development of children and help them open up their abilities at a young age, this was the place where UWCF team members invited the group of kids. The visit was much facilitated by Natalia Chyharova who gave free tickets, for which we would like to express our special gratitude.

That day at Kidland was a real treat for the kids. They were delighted with the number of professions fitting every taste and counted more than one hundred of them.

Of course, the boys took much fancy to the police, airport, detective agency, bank, and fire station, whereas the girls turned their attention to such locations as the jewellery shop, hair and beauty salon, fashion model school, and drama studio.

Amid the variety of facilities, children can find what they like most and here they have the opportunity to really try working in diverse professions instead of just imagining how it might feel like. It is in childhood when we dream about such things!

At Kidland, while playing, children explore the grown-up world and absorb the knowledge and values it has to offer. Here the kids got acquainted with a wide range of professions. Playing and having fun, they received a lot of new information and also learned to have an interested and keen attitude towards work, know the value of money. Kidland has its own monetary system: within its boundaries you may earn the local money called “landies” and pay for entertainment, interesting trainings, toys and souvenirs.

The city is divided into sectors: public institutions; infrastructure; media; real estate; healthcare; industry; entertainment; automobile sector; schools and studios; cafés and restaurants; shops and services.

The children’s smiles were countless, and the pleasant tiredness after the exciting day was the perfect proof they had lots of fun!