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Children's world opens the door to the project "Happy comb"

On January 28, 2017 within the charitable program "Let's make a better life for children" of the Charitable Foundatuion "United World Cultures Foundation", the project “Happy comb” together with teachers and students of the Kyiv Academy of Hairdressing and volunteers from detdom.info visited pupils of Puhachiv Orphanage ( Korosten district, Zhytomyr region), where children are suffering from mental retardation, Down syndrom, deprived of parental care and orphans.

Giving a little fidget a haircut is not the same as giving one to an adult. Little princesses cannot sit on one place more than a few seconds, so you need to have patience and experience to make that haircut nice and neat. And the atmosphere should be appropriate, it should be exciting for children. That's why detdom.info volunteers organized a children's play area where older girls together with friends could play in a beauty salon, read their favorite children's magazine "Kid Kotya", enjoy treats from the Foundation "United World Cultures Foundation" before getting a haircut, getting used to the environment. Kind, careful and very patient masters of Kyiv Academy of Hairdressing created an excellent environment where even the most whimsical fidgets didn't cry. And as a result, the visit of the project "Happy Comb" left only positive impressions to the princesses and, of course, their caregivers.

"Visiting other social institutions with the project "Happy comb" is the plan of the charity program " Let's make a better life for children" of the Charitable foundation "United world cultures foundation", because not every pupil has the opportunity to get a hairdresser's service" - says Lyudmila Lysenko from the Charitable Foundation "United world cultures foundation".

Our hairdressers worked with great love for children, and of course with patience, because sometimes the master had to move around the room following a little fidget, that didn't want to stay still. Therefore, nothing would have happened without the ability to find common ground with the baby.

"Today children could get a haircut playing. After all, we did everything in order to "do no harm", i.e. if the child does not want to get a haircut, we will not force him/her. Let him/her sit, play, get acquainted with hairdressing tools, and so he/she will want to do it. But in fact, all the girls gladly agreed to get a haircut. We entertained them, communicated with them, and at the end of course we gave them small gifts - a children's magazine "Kid Kotya" and sweets "- says Catherine Ovdiyenko, a volunteer.

Under the guidance of teachers, the students of the Kyiv Academy of Hairdressing teachers gave a good look to everyone interested. And there were a lot of interested people, both little children and adults.

"We take into account the wishes of our small customers. Sometimes the baby comes with bad mood because of the weather or sleepless night... Children are individuals, and we try to find an approach and make a contact in any situation. The most important thing is, of course, a psychological aspect. The future masters of Kyiv Academy of Hairdressing have trainings of communication with children, in addition to proffessional trainings",- sums up Yuri Sergiyovych, the teacher of the Kyiv Academy of Hairdressing.

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