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The road to Hoverla and the national record: how it was

As promised - the story of the ascent to Hoverla. How it was, what we saw, whom we met and how we set the national record.

On June 27, as part of the all-Ukrainian campaign "Shoulder to Shoulder", many cars departed from Kyiv with the clear goal of conquering the Hoverla mountain and raising the longest flag of Ukraine, no matter what! The team of the "United World Cultures Foundation" joined the participants.

Symbolically, the campaign was held on June 28, on Constitution Day, a big and such an important holiday for every Ukrainian. The beginning was put by the great hetman Pilip Orlik, having signed in 1710 the constitution, which was approved by the King of Sweden Charles 12. This constitution was one of the first constitutions in Europe.

The ascent was not easy and took more than 5 hours, although the weather was supportive and pleased with the sun. Everyone was motivated by the smallest participant of the project - a baby at the age of 10 months.

The team climbed from the village of Lazeshchyna - along the simplest, but longest route, which amounted to 16 km.

Participants took turns carrying a flag weighing more than two hundred kilograms, on their shoulders, but when there is a common goal, it can unite people even in difficult times. Participants in turn helped and substituted each other, and all the time the shoulder of a friend and mutual support were felt.

At a tremendous height, when everyone was tired, we heard the sound of bells and could not imagine that we would meet a huge flock of sheep and a shepherd passing by. It's hard to believe, but for them it's a daily routine - walks at this height.

After all climbed to Hoverla and the largest Ukrainian flag was deployed, the achievement was registered by the National Register of Records of Ukraine, whose representative Vitaly Zorin, after learning about the campaign, flew to the Carpathians and attended the event. "Many flags have visited Hoverla, but this one is the longest. This is an excellent record and I am delighted with the energy of these guys! ", the expert noted.

As the organizer of the campaign, the president of the Foundation of Volunteers of Ukraine Timofey Nagornyi said: "Today there were more than 100 people, true patriots of our country who love Ukraine and prove it with their own deeds. I want us to set an example for the younger generation, uniting different people who can create, develop our country and unite, regardless of the point of view. On this day at the top of Hoverla there were many tourists not only from Ukraine, but also from other countries. All of them took part in the establishment of the record and tried to support the Ukrainian flag. A real friendly atmosphere was felt around. Thank God for blessing us to do another good deed. I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to each of the participants. Each person helped and put his shoulder to the shoulder. And this energy united us all. We unite good, bright, kind, positive people, because when we unite, we become strong. And when the strong unite, they become invincible. So let's sow good together and multiply love, for the sake of the future of our country! "

On the way back at the pass there was a party - a huge fire was burning, people were singing Hutsul songs and trying national food. Evening in the Carpathians, people wearing embroidered clothes and an incredibly warm atmosphere - all this will remain in our memory for a long time.

The "Shoulder to Shoulder" campaign united athletes, volunteers, children and thoughtful people from different countries of the world. Deploying the biggest flag of Ukraine on Hoverla symbolizes the strength of the spirit of the Ukrainian people, its solidarity and readiness to unite.