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Children in "Bukaha" - entertainment country

Date: 2018, April

Children are learn from the moment of birth. They touch objects, take them in hands, move and thereby explore the world around.

Children from all over the world love to play with LEGO constructor and the children from the Social and Rehabilitation Center "Rodyna" are no exception, so United World Cultures Foundation has handed children tickets to the fun country "Bukaha". During the game, kids not only explore the world, but also express their attitude to it. According to the results of studies and observations, scientists has concluded that the assembling the constructor makes a positive effect to a child. While children play with LEGO constructor, they always create something entire and beautiful. Achieving a good result creates the confidence and even leadership qualities.

UWCF is interested in children’s development, and LEGO club in the children's entertainment center "Bukaha" (shopping center "Insilver" (Poznyaky metro station) Kyiv, Sribnokylskaya St. 3) reveals new horizons for creativity in front of the child, gives you the opportunity to dive into an exciting adventure. The boys and girls from the Social and Rehabilitation Center "Rodyna" opened up enormous opportunities for physical, aesthetic and social development. First of all, the game at LEGO Club promotes the restoration of language in children and improves the psyche and motor skills.

LEGO-club is a place where child can create "engineering" masterpieces without limits. The collection of the club is constantly replenished with new sets of consrtuctor so that children can every time try to create new objects and build interesting worlds. Sets are available for different age groups: simple for the smallest, more complex and large for older children.

The United World Cultures Foundation team is constantly looking for a variety of free or budget options for urban children's leisure time so that they get away from everyday life and have fun while playing and studying. We try to find the opportunity to focus on the child, on communication, on development, but most importantly - on the manifestation of love!