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The future of Ukrainian basketball

Congratulations to the Ukrainian team with participation in the 3rd European Basketball Championship for juniors among deaf athletes, which took place in Lublin from 21 to 26 of August, 2017. The Charity Fund "United World Cultures" provided financial support to the participation in the championship of 14-year-old Ekaterina Krasnoglazova - a participant of the national team of the Deaf Sports Federation of Ukraine, which was established in 1992 (today SFUU unites 25 regional centers with 1,650 deaf athletes members, trainers and specialists). In the same year Federation was admitted to the International Deaf Sports Committee with the right to participate in all international competitions held under his auspices.

The Ukrainian team experienced its strength in matches with Turkey, Poland, Lithuania, Russia and Belarus and by the results of the competition took the 6th place. We wish the girls to continue to develop, to confidently go to their goal and adequately represent Ukraine in the international arena, and we will help in this.