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UWCF agents of justice arranged a discotheque in Bila Tserkva Residential Care Home

Date: February 2020

UWCF, together with its volunteers and Social Harmony, regularly visit Bila Tserkva Residential Children’s Care Home for Boys with Disabilities. We always bring along some tasty food, art practices and a good mood. We started to organize community singing lately, for a new volunteer – Bogdan who is a musician and a member of the Rogi Band, joined us. The care home inmates really enjoyed the entertainment: many of them appeared to be fond of singing.

On February 22, 2020, we went to Bila Tserkva again, but this time with a slightly different entertainment program. Our volunteers prepared an interactive quest and discotheque for the children.

According to the plot, Agents of Justice Ksiu and Valera (our volunteers) were looking for a dangerous criminal who escaped from prison the day before. He found shelter in the residential care home. Therefore, all the boys had to become agents, disguise themselves and apply camouflage makeup in order to find and punish the thief all together.

There were many tasks: firstly, it was necessary to find traces, left by the escapee; then there were some riddles to solve, clues to find and games to play… Our little agents had so much fun that everyone forgot a little that they were supposed to look for a criminal.

By that time, the thief felt somewhat insulted: he also wanted to have fun with everybody!

That is when he got caught… However, the agents of justice showed him mercy, and after the punishment, the thief was forgiven. The reconciliation was ‘celebrated’ with dancing, flash mob and singing with guitar. And, of course, there were bananas for dessert!

Special thanks to our friends from Social Harmony for their great company, as well as to our volunteers – students of the Kyiv University of Culture.

Please remember that UWCF regularly visits residential care homes for special children, as well as provides help to children of Avdiivka and the children striving to develop their talents.

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