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  • Areas: Sport; Culture and Arts
  • The program operates since 2016
  • Program area: localities throughout Ukraine
  • Recipient of charitable aid: children and teenagers aged between 5 and 16

  • What we have done in 2017:

    What we have done in 2016:

  • The state is basically the citizens. The country’s better tomorrow is the intelligent, healthy, and comprehensively developed younger generation. A now winged quotation by Svyatoslav Vakarchuk says: “Don’t look at Ukraine as the land of your parents. Look at it as the land of your children. And then changes will come...”
  • However, the current contribution of the government and local authorities into raising the younger generation is nothing but kindergartens that in big cities are desperately insufficient and in small towns are steadily decreasing in number, schools, children and youth creative art centres, still remaining here and there.
  • More recently, the legislative authorities have taken up the course to simplify the environment for opening and running private educational institutions. On the one hand, this trend is good and will lead to the increased number of such facilities, and therefore, the decreased queues for admission, but on the other hand, a private institution may sustain only on profits, which means there is a regular fee for a child’s attendance.
  • Hence, the burden of responsibility for children’s development and education has been shifted to rest only on parents. With current levels of salaries and prices, though, most people can’t afford much beyond the bare life necessities such as food, clothes, medicines, and it is off the question to pay for a child’s out-of-school classes at sports or arts schools, study groups, studios, etc. For this reason, while parents are busy by earning the family’s daily bread, children are left to themselves. The result is uncontrolled playing computer games, most of them being marked with extreme brutality, which causes dependence and psychiatric disorders in children. Pernicious influence on minors is also exercised by television increasingly promoting violence and living for own pleasure. Beyond that, this enhances the probability that a child from an untroubled family will get mixed-up with a bad crowd in the streets.
  • Along with children being brought up in families, there are orphan children and children deprived of parental care who grow under the responsibility of teachers and workers of orphanages, residential care facilities, etc. These children, affectionless and neglected, are the first to come under the negative influence in the streets.
  • All the above factors cause the increase in juvenile crime rates that is a tragedy for society. The number of offences committed by girls is increasing. As reported by the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine, in 2015 under-aged persons committed or were engaged in committing 7,166 criminal offences, 123 out of them being especially grave crimes and 3,274 being grave crimes. Most impressive are figures on the following offences:
  • - murder and infliction of injury of varying severity – 512;
  • - sexual assault – 28;
  • - theft, burglary, robbery, and other offences against property – 5,439;
  • - offences against traffic safety and operation of transport vehicles – 582;
  • - use and possession of drugs and their analogues – 257.
  • In most cases, a teenager who commits a crime goes to prison. According to law enforcement officers, 80 per cent of former teenage prisoners continue their criminal path into the adult life and become “regular customers” in prisons.
  • The statistics is terrifying! This is a huge problem for both the state and entire society. It is always possible to punish juvenile offenders but far more complicated to prevent causes and consequences of their behaviour. For this, you do not have to be a teacher, psychologist, or officer of the police department for children affairs. All it takes is to love children, pay attention, and instead of fighting them, fight the factors that mislead and push them to immoral and unlawful practices.
  • In view of all this, it is crucially important to create a proper environment for children to grow, study, and develop.
  • Objective:
  • give opportunities to children whose parents do not have sufficient means, and orphan children, to attend sports groups, fine-arts, singing, dancing, and other study groups and studios, for free;
  • raise children’s interest in doing various sports and arts;
  • develop abilities of children and teenagers;
  • raise a comprehensively developed generation;
  • reduce juvenile crime rates;
  • search and open up new talents among the younger generation;
  • support talented children and teenagers.
  • Techniques and methods:
  • Admission of children for free classes at sports groups, fine-arts, singing, dancing, and other study groups and studios;
  • Holding master classes of famous artistic personalities for children and teenagers;
  • Searching for sports, fine-arts, choreographic, musical, and other institutions willing to give free classes to children;
  • Engaging benefactors in setting up free groups for children’s creative and sporting development;
  • Support for study programmes in the fields of culture and education;
  • Engaging volunteer organizations to conduct classes for children;
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles;
  • Information support to institutions and facilities that have volunteered for the programme.
  • Cooperation:
  • central governmental and local authorities, sports schools and sports groups, singing and dancing studios, art schools, etc., famous sportsmen, artists, musicians, singers, choreographers, photographers, other celebrities.