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Information about UWCF

Following the principles of sustainable development, in particular, the social dimension of its concept, UWCF has been supporting charitable causes through its programs, projects and campaigns since 28 October 2015.

UWCF team helps develop the Ukrainian philanthropy, taking good care of gifted children, disabled children, orphaned and parent-deprived children, children from the families of JFO participants (Joint Forces Operation, earlier known as the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) and internally displaced families, children living in conflict-affected areas in the Eastern Ukraine.

UWCF is active in the fields of culture, education, healthcare, intellectual and physical development of people.

More information about our charity programs can be found at the link.

United World Cultures Foundation is a non-profit organization (non-profitability decision No. 194/326-58-12-04-18 dated 29 September 2016 (non-profitability attribute 0036).

Financial reports of funds raised and used by UWCF are publicly available on our website.

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