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The life of orphans has become brighter and more meaningful

Date: 12.10.2018

Bright sun and blue sky, a variety of colors in the trees and flowers are pleasing to the eyes, velvet autumn gave us a little summer.

The program “Let's Improve Children’s Lives” of the United World Cultures Foundation and volunteers of detdom.info were very lucky: the present “magic summer” coincided in time and space, where October caught on the wings of golden autumn pupils of the educational institution Puhachiv Psychoneurological Treatment and Residential Care Center and dived with them in millions of years ago, and they saw the ancient dinosaurs - tyrannosaurus, flying pterosaur, etc. October 12, we once again organized a trip to the capital, filled it with a fun holiday and made it unforgettable for girls from the of Puhachiv Psychoneurological Treatment and Residential Care Center, located in Berezneve village of Korosten District in Zhytomyr Region.

The sunny territory of the National Complex "Expocenter of Ukraine" began to immerse our guests in the fabulous world. Larissa, a volunteer of the UWCF Charitable Foundation, prepared for the children soft toys-dinosaurs. Pupils restlessly squinted at the sun's rays, which constantly tickled their cheeks, galloped and had a lot of fun, reciting poems and singing songs, waiting for the queue to the face painting craftswoman. Volunteer Olga Donchenko transformed them into fabulous sunny characters with bright colors. All the kids imagined themselves like a tigers, bunnies, butterflies, chanterelles, frogs, horses.

Fairy Yaroslav Tokar, the Chairman of the International Charitable Organization Kryla (“Wings”) Volunteer Association had an old dream - to meet this energetic group of sunny girls. Her heart was also bleeding when the boarding school was reorganized and our little princesses were transferred to Novoboriv orphanage (for girls), and the senior pupils were transferred to Puhachiv Psychoneurological Treatment and Residential Care Center. We all were concerned how the girls will adapt to the new place of living.

“It was very pleasant to meet with people who help children who do not know life outside the orphanage, who are isolated from society. Without you, they would not have friends. I am sure that the time will come and our princesses will feel confident in society, will have many friends and the opportunity to travel not only once a quarter, but when they want. I wish you, beauties, to fly into the world of adventures of the Living Dinosaurs exhibition,” commented Mrs. Yaroslava.

Dinosaurs already wanted to get acquainted with the pupils rather, that their sound invitation could be heard from afar. The color and appearance of the ancient reptiles are as close as possible to the realistic appearance, while the giants themselves moved - waved their tails, shook their heads, waved wings and made sounds, which created the effect of full presence in the world of predators.

“We are pleased to see that our students play together with the children of volunteers. They will see how to behave in different situations,” said Lyudmila Lysenko, a representative of the UWCF.

We express our deep and sincere gratitude to McDonald's for the warm welcome, for feeding with favorite Happy Meal to pupils from the Puhachiv Psychoneurological Treatment and Residential Care Center.

Interpumps Group has long taken the custody of Puhachiv Psychoneurological Treatment and Residential Care Center. The management and employees of the company are aware with their interconnection with society, implement social projects and allocate funds for charity, supporting those who need help the most. The company's director and curator of volunteers, detdom.info, Oksana Zolotukhina, by her own example, encourages all employees to be caring and change their lives for the better on their own. Your financial sponsorship has brought real joy to children, whose social circle - due to their state of health - is limited to the walls of the institution.

Thanks to Fairy Natalia Kovalyova for an expensive electronic toy - tablet. This is a wonderful present to Princess Olya for her birthday, which will contribute to her intellectual and comprehensive development. Thank you for your responsiveness!

Friends, with your help the life of orphans became bright and meaningful.