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Ultrasound examination in Mykolaivka

Date: 27-29.07.2018

Being one of the small towns of Ukraine, Mykolaivka (Donetsk region) has largely preserved the form of life that has been formed for centuries. This is expressed in the commitment of the inhabitants to the traditions.

Not surprisingly, the population of Mykolaivka community - tired of the hybrid war, and everyone hopes for a long-awaited peace. Stress, experiencing a military horror in 2014, intense physical work - the constant companions of this way of life - make a weakening of health.

On July 27-29, volunteer doctors of the United World Cultures Foundation had started their work in the territory of the Mykolaivka community within the framework of the "Walking To The Health Land" program. Their goal is to provide medical care to community members.

We hope that this action will attract the attention of the inhabitants of the Mykolayivka community to their health.

The attitude of the employees of the "Walking To The Health Land" program helped people to work effectively with the local population. People were pleased with the work of the doctors and the Fund's team, and would be looking forward to their next visit.

"I am very grateful to the doctors and the team of the Charitable Foundation for the opportunity to get a qualified consultation. I do not often turn to doctors, but because of age there is a need for health checking. Residents are very grateful to volunteer physicians. Let them come more often", - says the resident of the village Ray- Oleksandrivka Mrs. Lyubov Mykhaylivna.

In total 159 inhabitants received for free the opportunity to undergo ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity and thyroid gland by metropolitan doctors for three days.

Ultrasound is the most reliable and safe way to diagnose diseases of the internal organs and systems of the human body. The procedure of ultrasound is obligatory at least once a year, since it allows to timely detect all kinds of deviations in the functioning of organs of the human body. At the same time timely detection of violations in the work of the human body is a key to successful treatment and highly effective prevention of repeated manifestations of certain health problems.

It should also be remembered that checking in the early stages of the disease is always much more effective than treatment at later stages.