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A Healthy Mother Means a Healthy Family!

Date: October 2019

Every year one in ten Ukrainian women are diagnosed with breast cancer, and one in two of them already are at stage-three or stage-four disease.

The age of cancer is getting younger year by year! While earlier the peak of the incidence was between the age of 40 and 50, now it is 18-20 years – quite young girls who might have never given birth yet.

The UWCF’s program “Walking to the Health Land” held the event “The Battle for Life Goes On, Amazons!” (providing free Amoena breast silicone prostheses) timed to coincide with the feast of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin. The Department of Social Policy of the Rudkiv city council, Sambir District of Lviv Region, was the first to join the event.

Women have received free Amoena breast prostheses made of safe medical silicone coated with polyurethane film. These products are kind of rehabilitation of women who underwent mastectomy and will compensate for their physical condition, i.e. the posture itself.

“Silicone exoprostheses completely imitate the breast shape and size, they are safe, environmentally friendly and do not irritate the skin. Different shades of beige, various sizes, shapes and even textures make it possible to perfectly select an exoprosthesis, taking into account the habits and wishes of a woman. The exoprosthesis has a high thermal conductivity and is perfectly adjustable to the body temperature, so there will be no feeling of artificiality and inconvenience, even by touch it almost feels like the real breast”, - commented Liudmyla Lysenko, the UWCF’s programs and projects manager.

Women try to hide their diagnosis for several reasons. Sometimes they keep silent because of fear of looking pathetic to everyone else, fear of being a burden. By not saying the word ‘oncology’, women spare their loved ones from the burden they have to carry alone. Women are often much more willing to share about their problems only among other women. So gradually, they receive an opportunity to speak about something that is not understandable to others. Through their own example, women give the diseased a hope for a better life and inspire faith in the victory over the disease.