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Disease of Sadness, Stress and Strain

Date: November 2019

A female breast is the most attractive part of a human body, but it is also a really delicate organ. It requires special attention because of its high exposure to damage, even from stress. The most dangerous disease threatening women’s breasts is breast cancer. This insidious disease can cut women’s lives short – no matter whether those are aged or young and blossoming women.

The breast cancer rates grow steadily. Today, it is the most common form of malignant tumours faced by women, which ranks first in the oncopathology structure of the age group after 30, and is the absolute leader among cancerous diseases found in members of the female gender after 40.

A woman from Irpin, Kyiv Region, has benefited from the campaign “Battle for Life Goes On, Amazons!” of the UWCF program “Walking to the Health Land” aiming to provide free silicone breast prostheses by German producer Amoena. Two years ago, she lost her husband, which caused lots of painful memories and severe stress.

“I remember that day when the biopsy was made, I was looking at the screen and squeezing my little daughter’s hand. That was the first time when I saw the breast lump. A really long needle, several careful nurses, bandaging – they promised to call me back after a few days if everything was ok. Back then, I was hardly aware that the needle had scarred me forever and changed my life once and for all “, says the woman (who will remain anonymous).

For preventing breast pathologies, it is essential to control and cope with life stresses. Thus, peace of mind is a pre-requisite of women’s health.