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Surgical Suits for the Childhood Cancer Research Unit of the National Cancer Institute

Date: January 2020

About thousand new cases of children’s cancer are reported annually in Ukraine, and nearly five thousand patients are registered. This statistics is maintained by the National Cancer Institute.

High professionalism, dedication and mercy of people in white coats allowed many boys and girls to return to active living, gain confidence in tomorrow, and feel the joy of life again.

The main requirement of a doctor to a surgical gown is comfort. And the first thing doctors are lacking is surgical scrubs sets which are required in great number – minimum four sets per one operation. After being used in a surgical procedure, gowns undergo heat treatment process, and upon ten times of treatment such suits are not fit for purpose. It should be also taken into account how many surgical procedures are performed per year in the hospital.

The campaign “Be in Trend: Medical Uniform” of the UWCF’s program “Walking to the Health Land” visited the Childhood Cancer Research Unit of the National Cancer Institute to hand over surgical suits, classic white medical suits, gowns and warm waistcoats. All suits are made of special fabric for medical clothing. This fabric is fluid and dirt repellent, and easy to care for. The suits are durable and pleasant to the touch.

“The medical clothing you have provided for our staff is perfectly comfortable; models for different body types provide a great look throughout the working day. We sincerely thank the campaign “Be in Trend: Medical Uniform”, - commented Sergii Pavlyk, head of the Pediatric Department of the National Cancer Institute.