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There’s Always a Way Out! We Help Families Out of Dire Straits

Date: June 2020

It’s been for nearly 5 years now that the program “Let's Improve Children's Lives” has been in place launched by United World Cultures Foundation to help low-income families with free clothes, footwear, and other things needed for children. All Ukrainians may donate things that they no longer need but that may come in very handy for others, especially families with kids, because children outgrow their clothes faster than parents manage to replenish their seasonal wardrobes.

We usually sort out all clothes donated by people – conserve and store those out of season and hand over seasonal clothes to our volunteers for distribution in towns and villages where they live and where they are well aware of the hardships faced by particular families.

“We accept donations from the charitable program “Let's Improve Children's Lives” of United World Cultures Foundation. And we further distribute them to people and families in need and on the breadline – low-income and multi-child families, people with disabilities, orphans and their caregivers, people who have been internally displaced or suffered from the armed hostilities in Ukraine’s East, elders, and other socially vulnerable groups. Mothers come to us and apply for the things they need”, comments our volunteer Oksana Markevych from urban-type settlement Klavdiievo-Tarasove in Borodianka District of Kyiv Region. “The clothing problem is particularly acute in those families that raise kids with infantile cerebral paralysis or other severe diseases”, adds Oksana. “In their cases, a huge part of the family budget is spent on medicines, and parents just can’t afford to buy new clothes for their child. Humanitarian aid is provided only once a quarter to vulnerable groups such as families with three and more children; persons with special needs, disabilities or chronical diseases; single parents; families or persons in deep financial distress”.

No one is insured from critical situations, especially those arising unexpectedly, like the today’s COVID-19 pandemic that has impacted all people on this planet, but what you need to remember is that bad times won’t last forever!