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Spring has come and brought us beauty

March 4, 2017

On a March day, at the beginning of spring, when the nature awakes, , the Foundation "United World Cultures Foundation", together with teachers and students of the Kyiv Academy of Hairdressing and volunteers from detdom.info, within the charity program "Let's Make Children's Life Better", visited the Korostyshiv Special Boarding School of the Zhytomyr Regional Council with the "Happy comb" campaign.

You could definitely feel spring at school. The walls were full of students’ works. Young artists created a real holiday of beauty, of generous children's imagination. Children depicted spring at its full beauty.

The director of the boarding school Vitali Makarchuk informed the children on the arrival of the guests. Therefore, when our car drove into the yard, schoolchildren and teachers of the school immediately surrounded us. We received a very warm welcome. Vitaly Makarchuk suggested a walk through the territory, a little rest, and school students treated us with delicious coffee.

Students want to stand out, not to be "like everyone else", and the "Happy comb" campaign of the "Let's make children's lives better" program" of the UWCF helped them find their charm, individual image, because spring is in the air and everyone wants to be beautiful. We have never had clients, who would care about their appearance so seriously, like boys and girls from Korostyshiv special boarding school did. They are just learning the basics of beauty and fashion, but they already want to be liked by other people, especially their peers. For a teenager, public opinion about his appearance is very important.

"Stylists and hairdressers of the Kyiv Academy of Hairdressing were constantly telling their clients that the specific length or color of the hair is not that important, like an individual image created in accordance with the lifestyle and appearance. In this season, hairdressers advised teenagers to avoid adult forms - smooth contours and artificial volume of hair are out of fashion. As always, long, thick hair will look very attractive, especially if it is a little curly - it creates a romantic image. Pay attention to the fashionable in this season straight bangs and chopped ends," says teacher Daria Pavlova.

Young chefs wearing red aprons happily ran to our mini-beauty salon and asked if we would finish our work soon to attend the dinner, which they had cooked under the guidance of the volunteer from detdom.info Yevgeny Klimchuk.

"The child learns the first cooking lessons in the family, watching mom or grandmother cook soup, fry potatoes, bake pancakes or pies, and a wonderful homemade cake for the holidays. Every girl wants to learn to cook delicious and quick dishes. Many boys like to watch how their favorite sandwich or pizza is prepared. The task of volunteers is to help anyone who dreams of a career as a chef or simply wants to learn how to cook simple homemade dishes for their relatives and friends. In the real kitchen we cooked pilafs and pancakes for our guests and, I think, surprised them with our knowledge and skills," says Yevgeny Klimchuk.

The "Happy Comb" campaign of the "Let's make children's lives better" program of the UWCF has an important career guidance mission for school students. The aim is to attract schoolchildren to timely career planning, to promote their understanding of themselves and the world of professions, to provide tools for successful career planning. Together with the director of the school, we outlined certain plans for future cooperation," says curator of the program Lyudmila Lysenko.

A pupil of the school Sasha shared with us his dream: "I dream of being a hairdresser. Such a little word, but there is a big desire to give beauty to people. You sit comfortably in the armchair in front of the mirror, close your eyes and plunge into the world of fantasy ... You seem enchanted. You open your eyes and you do not recognize yourself! A wonderful hairstyle, a smile, a surprised look. The world is so beautiful ... I dream of giving beauty to people, giving them peace of mind. "

We are always gladly look at the pictures of celebrities from the red carpet. Today we invite you to look at celebrities from the Korostyshiv special boarding school, which were styled for 10 hours by hairdressers of the best Kiev Academy of Hairdressing.