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Little adventures in the world of Happy Comb

Date: 25 February 2017

Appearance is important, even for the youngest fashionistas. Everyone wants to look nice and modern, fashionable and stylish. Within the framework of the charitable program "Let's make children's lives better" of the "United World Cultures Foundation" , the "Happy Comb" campaign was held in the Social Rehabilitation Center "Family" (for children with severe disabilities, Autism, behavioral problems, mental retardation, etc.) for the second time.

Our hairdressers, students of the Kyiv Academy of Hairdressing, treat small customers with love, and their professionalism helps emphasize individuality of young fashionistas.

"As a rule, young children are impatient and can not sit on one place for a long time, so young stylists volunteers do their work quickly, but qualitatively. Hairdressers give children the opportunity to be distracted by all sorts of interesting hairdressing tools, "- says the curator of the "Happy Comb" campaign of the charity program " Let's make children's lives better", Lyudmila Lysenko.

Today, the majority of parents would like their children to be trendy and modern, so the masters always consult with parents and recommend a hairstyle that will suit their child.

"Haircut can help show a beauty of the child and remove small imperfections. We have special customers, so we are trying to find something unique and highlight it, so they are all happy. We cut hair in different ways, cut short bangs, make it asymmetrical, and in general - the more creative, the better,"- says the student of the Kyiv Academy of Hairdressing, Elena.

Today we have a little helper, or rather an assistant, Pavel, who just stands still, watching the master doing a haircut. By the way, the Social Rehabilitation Center "Family" is trying to promote socialization of children with special needs. And who knows, maybe it is the graduates of the Kyiv Academy of Hairdressing who will invite special girls and boys to work as their assistants. We believe that through the "Happy Comb" campaign of the "Let's make children's lives better" charity program of the UWCF, these children will have a great future!