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Teaching girls from orphanage how to measure blood pressure

Date: 10/27/2018

Hypertension is not only the most common, but also, perhaps, one of the most insidious diseases. After all, it is capable of imperceptibly undermining human health, affecting its heart and blood vessels, and then suddenly manifest itself with a stroke or a heart attack.

The program “Walking to the Health Land” of the UWCF Charitable Foundation gradually introduces blood pressure measurement into the everyday life culture.

On October 27, 2018, girls from the Nova Borova Children’s Residential Care Home (Nova Borova village, Zhytomyr region), were trained. They learned the basics of preventing hypertension and held a master class on the correct measurement of pressure.

“There are certain blood pressure measurement parameters that affect the performance. First of all, you need to relax and be at rest for five minutes. Hand, bent at the elbow, must be put on the table. The cuff should be put on two fingers above the elbow, so that it is at the level of the heart. During the measurement of the legs do not cross, do not move, don’t talk. It is necessary to measure twice in 1-2 minutes,” - Lyudmyla Lysenko, head of the program “Walking to the Health Land”, tells the girls about the basic rules of this procedure.

After the briefing, the students began to practice, first tried to measure each other, and after half an hour the commission was visited by a commission from volunteers from detdom.info and the staff of the orphanage. It is important that all those present learned a lesson. Electronic tonometers that measure pressure on the wrist and fingers went into action, the girl’s patients were forbidden to move, and even talk, so that the indicator on tonometers was correct. And they said they wanted to be doctors.

“Today there is an important need to inform children to take care of their health. Although there are medical personnel and medical rooms in the orphanage, practice shows that the earlier we will explain to children how to measure blood pressure correctly, the greater the chance that the child will not forget science and, if necessary, will use the knowledge gained in time and turn to doctors,” – commented curator of detdom.info Mrs. Oksana Zolotukhina.

There are many programs that are designed to improve the health of children in the UWCF. Recovery and rest among them.