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Timely Assistance with Medicine

Date: July 2019

Charity is an integral part of the social development of many developed countries, in Ukraine as well. In a difficult economic and political environment, it comes to the fore and literally saves people's lives.

People’s health is one of the greatest values necessary for the socio-economic development of society. Different diseases increase the economic burden for both the individual and the state as a whole, so helping and providing patients with the right medication is a social issue.

The United World Cultures Foundation, within the framework of the charity program "Walking to the Health Land" of the project "Our Health in Our Hands", receives letters of request from various charitable and non-governmental organizations that cooperate with health-care institutions of the state and the communal ownership or Red Cross organizations regarding the need for medicines.

For the most vulnerable categories - retirees, large families, people with disabilities - medication assistance is perhaps the only solution.

Older people and those who to go to the district center for medical assistance are forced to return to self-medicate. In order to avoid this, we are working together with the pharmaceutical “Arterium” company to provide free medication to various regions of Ukraine for people who are in crisis.

Recently, medicine transferred to the “Caritas-Berdyansk” Religious Mission of the Kharkiv-Zaporizhia Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church for the Municipal Institution "Territorial Center for Social Services of Berdyansk Regional Council of Zaporizhia Region”. The issue of providing medical and social facilities with an adequate number of medicines for people in crisis urgently raised to Dnipro City, so timely insurance of providing appropriate medicines is one of the most important areas of activity of the “Dobrovita” Charitable Foundation. Assistance to rural medicine, in particular, the provision of rural medical dispensaries and paramedics to free medicines in the Zgurov district of the Kyiv region provide by the “Natalia” Association of People with Disabilities. Medical practitioners of the FAPs and medical clinics travel tens of kilometers every day and night, partially and completely off-road, to provide medical assistance to patients and to prescribe appropriate medicines.