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Measurement of blood pressure at "Just Like Me" festival

Date: 10.06.2018

Once again, the program "Walking To The Health Land" of the UWCF is included in Family-Inclusive Festival Just Like Me where it initiates a measurement of blood pressure in the population.

This year's program was for the first time aimed at instilling the right habits and healthy lifestyles for children and young people, as they grow up and become managers of their own health.

Pressure can "jump" at fifteen, ten and five years, and even in childhood. It is important to identify the disease in a timely manner and to undertake the necessary treatment. It is necessary to measure pressure regularly for all children over three years old. Pressure for children, as well as for adults, should be measured in a calm condition, after a 5-10-minute rest. You can lie or sit, but with further measurements - necessarily in the same position.

Today, in many countries, there is a lot of work on the prevention of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases, so employees of the program "Walking To The Health Land" of the Charitable Foundation "United World Cultures" and medical students are instilling the right habit of measuring blood pressure every day.

We should introduce the measurement of pressure into our daily life as a normal hygienic procedure, such as brushing teeth. Only then will each of us be able to cope with the insidious illness - hypertension.

Volunteers-physicians told to high school students about the main principles of prevention of hypertension and conducted a workshop on correct measurement of pressure in the UWCF’s tent.


"Measuring blood pressure is urgently important, such actions raise the public's awareness of their own health, contribute to the timely detection of arterial hypertension, and therefore help reduce the risk of developing severe complications," said Lyudmila Lysenko, Head of the program "Walking To The Health Land» of the UWCF Foundation.

Thus, during the action, 76 participants at the Family-Inclusive Festival "Just Like Me" were measured. One third of people had an increase in blood pressure. By measuring pressure, future physicians gave recommendations for further control of pressure and its treatment.

After intensive knowledge and practice, the children of the inclusive festival "Just Like Me" will return home with a different psychology of attitude to their health: first of all, this is a daily control of blood pressure.