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UWCF invited children to see a new theatrical performance

On February 19, 2017 Charitable Foundation "United World Cultures Foundation» (UWCF) invited children to see a new Ukrainian tale "Mom said "NO" by Dan Gumenny. This time 12 children from large families, internally displaced families, families of members of ATO and two children of our volunteers were able to visit this bright theatrical performance. Thanks to all who helped in the organization of this festival for children, and parents for their trust. There were kids without parents - and it was, in fact, a great responsibility.

Visiting a fairy tale "Mom said "NO" has a special influence - firstly, the "UWCF" teaches children the system of values, behavior in public, etiquette and discipline in the team and of course to attend the theater. Secondly, during the intermission, we held a small lecture-conversation near the pedestal of I. Franco, (it was a coincidence, that in the dialogue of two teenagers, who passed by, we heard that they thought it was a young Shevchenko). Most importantly, this story has a psychological and therapeutic influence. Through the game and songs, some very important topics of relations between children and parents raise in a very interesting and comfortable atmosphere.

Think about how many times in the family you can hear a rebuff to some request of the child, "no" or words that start with " do not ..." - do not touch, do not jump, do not run, do not bother, do not shout ... Consciously or unconsciously, we limit the children’s feeling and emotions, usual for every child. A very small 5-year-old will endure and put up with this "no ...", but for teenagers it is more difficult to put up with this situation, they want freedom, liberty, no control, they want presents and no restrictions, and even worse - they will do things to spite their parents ... In the end, that's why we can find terrible stories about the so-called "suicidal" groups on the pages of newspapers or TV screens.

"Mom said" NO" is about extraordinary adventures of an ordinary boy. After having a quarrel and abandoning the mother custody, he gets into the illusory world of permissiveness and eternal amusement, but very quickly realizes that family is the most important thing, where there is mutual respect, love and understanding. There will always be forbiddance. The only thing is that it should be used playing, providing to children an alternative or some kind of rules of the game. Value each other; value your health and psychological climate in the family.

That is the philosophy of the "United World Cultures Foundation".