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UWCF – вісник щастя!

Date: March 2021

When the ambassador of happiness – the stork – arrives to a family, it is a special and touching moment for parents. While some are only expecting to become parents, others are already admiring and taking pictures of their baby.

The UWCF’s program “Walking to the Health Land” supports parents and makes sure that all children have a happy childhood. Our main priority is the healthy development of babies.

For a family, the birth of a child always carries an additional financial burden. The UWCF’s help with diapers for newborns will allow families to save money and purchase other important goods and products.

Zhytomyr, Kyiv and Luhansk became the first regions to receive the aid. The diapers were distributed to low-income families and large families with newborn babies.

In this work the Fund was actively assisted by:

• Kryla (“Wings”) Volunteer Association, International Charitable Organization; International Project “Children of the Desert”

• Large and problem families of the Left Bank of Kyiv

• Zhytomyr City Children’s Public Organization Vse Robymo Sami (“We Do It All by Ourselves”)

• Bilylivka community in Ruzhyn District of Zhytomyr Region

• Be Happy International Charitable Foundation

• Residents of Rubizhne city, Luhansk Region

• SOS Village Foster Home.

“This help is valuable for parents. Today’s difficult economic situation prevents some families from providing their baby with the sufficient amount of diapers. Therefore, our Fund has fully provided parents with diapers for newborns for a month”, - commented Liudmyla Lysenko, manager of the program “Walking to the Health Land”.

Love is never too much, so let’s share love with those who need it! And our team will continue to provide families with diapers for newborns.