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UWCF congratulated children from the east of Ukraine

Date: December 2018

Miracles for the holidays are expected equally by adults, children, rich and poor. But for five years we have been living in a situation where there are those for whom it is very important to feel our support and warmth.

The program “Let’s Improve Children’s Lives”, as part of its ongoing work, provides assistance to many children and crisis families.

On the eve of the New Year holidays, with best wishes for health, goodness, joy and great spiritual grace, the staff of Let’s Improve Children’s Lives program donated food and gifts for children to displaced people from the war zone and temporarily occupied territory to the boarding house “Source” in Pushcha-Vodytsa (Kyiv), where about 70 children of forced migrants temporarily live, more than ten of whom are younger than two years old.

Thanks to Kyiv city charity fund “FoodBank”, the International Charity Fund “Promoting the development of medicine”, volunteers of the Foundation and the work of a large number of people in the hearts of children for a long time will reign joy and faith in miracles. We will be sowers of good every day, and this will change our world, so we invite you to cooperate in helping those who are hungry, who are cold, who have nothing to wear, who are looking for the last penny for food.