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Baby Colic Remedies from UWCF

Date: June-July, 2019

Almost every young mother faces such a common problem as newborn colic. The most important thing is to keep calm, since these are only the first months of baby’s life, and there are more worries to come – cutting teeth, possibly fever and lots of other stuff, so it is better to prepare in advance by learning about colic symptoms, their causes and methods of coping.

Over half of infants who are three weeks to three months old (sometimes a longer period) suffer colic – abdominal pain related to occasional intestinal cramping and excessive gas. The child immediately senses his mom’s worry, which only makes him feel worse. However, it is quite easy to help a colicky baby – consult with your pediatrician and memorize the main causes for the pain and ways of coping with it.

The typical colic symptom is a sudden piercing cry; it’s getting harder to soothe the baby. Colicky infants have flushed faces, they close their eyes tightly, raise their heads, clench their little fists and pull their legs up to bellies. Colic may occur at any time of the day, but more often in the evening, which is due to excessive gas formation in the baby’s intestines.

Intestinal immaturity, lactose intolerance and unformed intestinal microflora are considered to be the three main causes of colic in infants up to 3-4 months old. During this period the baby’s intestine does not function properly and is unable to fully digest the whole quantity of incoming milk. Excessive gas is accumulated; the gas provokes colic in babies and here comes the crying and sleepless nights.

In order to ease colic pain it is recommended to: rub gently baby’s abdomen clockwise; change baby’s positioning and provide tummy time; bend and straighten baby’s legs, pressing them onto his tummy (6-8 times); place a heating pad onto the abdomen (5–10 min.); give a tummy massage. The team of the UWCF’s project “Our Health Is in Our Hands”, as part of the program “Walking to the Health Land”, recommends to use dietary supplement Baby-Dok – lactase infant colic drops by LLC Zydex UA - that is kind of a cocktail. Prior to giving the medicine to a baby, you should mix it with some amount of expressed breast milk or infant formula. The drops may be given to a newborn at the beginning of each feed until the intensity of intestinal spasms is reduced.

Babies from:

- Religious Mission “Caritas-Spes-Berdiansk” of the Kharkiv-Zaporizhzhia Diocese of the Roman-Catholic Church and the Municipal Institution “Territorial Center for Social Services” of the Berdiansk Regional Council of Zaporizhzhia Region;

- Zhytomyr City Children’s Public Organization Vse Robymo Sami (“We Do It All By Ourselves”);

- NGO “Usi” (“Everyone”), Charity Foundation “Rozvytok” Socialization and Rehabilitation Center for Children with Autism and Other Disorders, Vinnytsia;

- boys and girls patronized by the NGO “DAR” Development and Rehabilitation Center, Kyiv;

- children from the front-line zone of Luhansk and Donetsk regions

are lucky: their parents have received the dietary supplement Baby-Dok lactase drops donated by the UWCF’s benefactors.

The team of the UWCF’s project “Our Health Is in Our Hands”, as part of the program “Walking to the Health Land”, warns that if your infant suffers severe colic, you should visit a pediatrician. The doctor will examine your baby, listen to your complaints and prescribe corresponding treatment. In the case of an issue with breastfeeding, you should consult with a breastfeeding specialist who will advise you on the ways of improving your baby’s condition.

Take care of you baby! And stay healthy!