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UWCF Treats the Body and the Soul

Date: March 2019

For helping mothers of special children, once again comes the project “Our Health Is In Our Hands” of the program “Walking to the Health Land” of the United World Cultures Foundation. A program like the Sun illuminates all dark corners of the human soul and body. It helps mothers to stay strong and to be healthy. The Foundation donated to mothers of the Territorial Center for Social Services (Shevchenko District) (the center has a group to provide social day care services for children with disabilities, in which 50 children aged from 3 to 18 receive services) and to mothers from the “Rodyna” social rehabilitation center, “Enzistal” medicine (Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd Pharmaceutical Company).

The main burden of caring for a special child bears on mother’s shoulders.

We wish every mother be filled with the optimism!