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Take a Kid from the Street

Having joined efforts in the project “Take a Kid from the Street”, United World Cultures Foundation, Skrypal Brothers’ Sambo School, and the National Sambo Federation of Ukraine have launched free admission of children from families of internally displaced persons, families of ATO participants, orphanages, single-parent families, to groups for sambo classes (self-defence without weapons).

The idea of the project “Take a Kid from the Street” is rooted in the challenging political and economic situation that exists in the country and makes sport and physical development of children unaffordable for many families.

Well aware of this acute social problem, the Skrypal brothers have initiated the respective programme to be launched in their sambo school and thus have become the first sports facility to offer free sport studies to socially disadvantaged children. The project is financed by UWCF. We genuinely believe that this will help to build skill and open up own talents for those kids who would like to develop in this direction but have no opportunity for doing sports.

Plans under the project include:

  • Development and improvement of children’s sport and educational abilities
  • Setting up sport schools to give free classes for children. The existing school is located at Vozdukhoflotskyi Ave. 80, Kyiv.
  • Holding sporting and cultural events in the form of championships and sports camps.
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles among children.

So far, as a part of the project, we have completed admission of children to the first groups at Skrypal Brothers’ Sambo School.

We call on all those who care to join and support the project “Take a Kid from the Street”.