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UWCF struggles with cholesterol

Date: 2018, May

Angina pectoris, a heart attack, a stroke, a thrombosis - that's a payback for raising the level of cholesterol in blood. And this is one of the troubles of our century.

For protecting ourselves from dangerous diseases, first of all we need to make sure that blood cholesterol levels did not exceed the norm - from 100 to 180 mg (or 4.6 mmol) in 100 mg of blood (which can be determined by analysis carried out in clinics). For timely detection of excess norm, physicians recommend to all people every 5 years to take an analysis to determine the amount of cholesterol in blood. If the patient is already at risk, this survey should be conducted several times a year.

In case of detecting elevated cholesterol, the doctor ordinarily prescribes drugs that prevent cardiovascular disease, - statins.

In our country in pharmacy networks you can find statins with different activity in reducing cholesterol. One of them is "Lovastatin" tablets of "Arterium" Corporation.

United World Cultures Foundation Ruzhin central district hospital, handed over Lovastatin worth about 34 thousands UAH.

"Very grateful to the project "Our Health Is In Our Hands" of the United World Cultures Foundation with the generous help that you give us work to improve the life of the most disadvantaged sections of the population", expressed the gratitude of Zozulya MP, the head physician of the Ruzhin Central Hospital.

Patients spend on the purchase of medicines incredibly large funds. And if a person is poor, but she barely enough for bread, she simply is not treated. The UWC Foundation donated Lovastatin to humans through the doctors of the Ruzhin Central Hospital.

United World Cultures Foundation emphasizes that without consulting with a doctor you can’t take any drugs, including those that lower cholesterol! In case of violations of lipid metabolism and changes in analyzes, you must contact a cardiologist or therapist. Let them evaluate your risks based on:

• gender, age, weight

• bad habits

• existing diseases of the cardiovascular system