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Ukrainians are not treated due to poverty

Date: June 2019

Every second patient in Ukraine refuses treatment or postpones it due to lack of money. If we or our relatives are ill, we are forced to go to the hospital, and here the treatment begins at our own expense. Many Ukrainians do not go to doctors in general, and almost two thirds of patients admit that they are self-medicating. To avoid such statistics, the “Our Health is in Our Hands” project of the “Walking to the Health Land” program of the United World Cultures Foundation together with the Arterium pharmaceutical company provide free medicines in different regions of Ukraine.

So recently, the next batch of medicine was received by Ternopil Regional Charitable Foundation "Apostol". Mykhailo Apostol, head of the All-Ukrainian charitable program “Good to the People”, provided logistics for the delivery in compliance with the required temperature regime from Kyiv to Ternopil. This medicine addressed for the free distribution and treatment of patients from among the poor, disabled, soldiers of the ATO and their families. Zinoviy Kholodnyuk and Lubomir Livela delivered medicines to medical institutions in Terebovlya and Gusyatin districts. Other volunteers of the Ternopil region also joined and brought necessary medicines to Buchatsk Central Hospital. Also, medical supplies will be given for free delivery to patients not only in the central district hospital, but also delivered to rural first-aid stations and dispensaries throughout the district.

The Apostol Foundation reports that this is only part of the good deeds that can be done to give people warmth and care. 1800 UAH – disability allowance, 1700 UAH retirement pension, and in the course of treatment everyone needs from 500 UAH and more...

Mykhailo, taking this opportunity, thanked Lyudmila Lysenko, the director of the “Walking to the Health Land” program, for having been able to solve the shortage of medicine in Ternopil region for so many years, transfer medications through hospitals for the needs of patients.

“Today, the situation is still difficult for the purchase of medicines for villagers. We are pleased that two charitable foundations manage to solve all this a little bit, and the residents of our region have significant support - they receive free medicines. There is also the transfer of relevant medicines upon request to district hospitals, rural first-aid stations and ambulatory stations. In pharmacies, they are expensive, not everyone can buy on their own, and our patients can receive the medicine quickly and for free after they go to the doctor”, - noted Zinovyy Kholodnyuk.