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Date: 24.11.2017

On November 24, 2017 in the hearth of spirituality and leisure - Belilovsky House of Culture of the Ruzhinsky district of Zhytomyr region - a concert dedicated to summarizing the results of the first stage of the All-Ukrainian charity project "I give care" of the Luxoptika company and the United World Cultures Foundation was held.

The concert was prepared by the staff of the "Walking to the Healthland" program of the United World Cultures Foundation, which invited an accordionist and composer, laureate of international and all-Ukrainian competitions, a super finalist of the country's massive show "Ukraine's got Talent 2" and "Minute of Glory" - Alexander Tulinov and Valentin Bogdanov (djembe). The concert program was wonderful. Everyone enjoyed the event!

Professional performance, technical skills of Alexander created a relaxed atmosphere of the concert and the conditions of accessible perception of complex musical works even by schoolchildren who were present in the hall. The program featured the best author's compositions of Alexander. The concert aroused great interest - the small hall was filled with spectators as never before.

After the concert, a festive summing up of the results of the All-Ukrainian charitable project "I give care" of the Luxoptika company and the United World Cultures Foundation began. Representatives of labor collectives, students, volunteers, village communities, chairpersons of village councils, representatives of various religious communities and national minorities and many others gathered in the House of Culture to get free glasses.


We remind you that the start of the large-format project was laid on September 15, when the doctors-ophthalmologists of the "Walking to the Healthland" program of the United World Cultures Foundation examined more than six hundred residents of the Ruzhinsky district of the Zhytomyr region (residents of the villages of Belilovka, Kotelyanka, Nemyrintsy, Knyazhiki, Derganovka, Osipovka, Vyshneve and Volnopillya) and , according to the established diagnoses 406 prescriptions for glasses were made. And on September 30, 2017, at the celebration of the Day of the village of Belilovka in the Zhytomyr region, the organizers of the project handed over to the residents the first batch of eyeglasses made by Luxoptika in the framework of the joint All-Ukrainian charity project "I give care".

The chairman of the Belilovka village council, Lyudmila Paniyot, welcomed the audience and noted the importance of the All-Ukrainian project "I give care", thanks to which it was possible to take such an important step in improving medical care for the residents of rural settlements of the Ruzhinsky district. Thanks to the joint concern of chairpersons of village councils, employees of the UWCF and professional skills of Luxoptika, people have faith and hope for recovery and this is the most important thing! She congratulated everyone on getting free glasses and wished them health, happiness, goodness, a peaceful sky over their heads, God's grace, strength, patience and faith in the prosperity of our independent Ukrainian State!

Director of the United World Cultures Foundation Olena Kobets and the head of the "Walking to the Healthland" program of the UWCF Lyudmila Lysenko have also greeted the audience.

According to Olena Kobets, the launch of the All-Ukrainian project "I give care" is a good example of combining different models of charitable activities in rural communities. Ludmila Lysenko focused on the need to buy glasses only in trusted stores, where they are manufactured according to all quality standards. Do not neglect it, because low-quality lenses or glasses, selected independently, without consulting a specialist, will only harm the health of your eyes and lead to a decrease in vision!

In order to maintain good vision until old age, do not forget about prevention. Remember! Our health is in our hands!