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You are not alone we are together!

Date: June 2019

It has already become a good tradition to annually hold a month of good under the slogan: “You are not alone! We are together! ”Obukhiv city district organization of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine. The purpose of the event is to draw public attention to the problems of vulnerable categories of the population: internally displaced persons, single disabled citizens of old age, war and labour veterans, persons with disabilities, low-income families, large families and single parent families, orphans, as well as the formation of public opinion in favour of mercy.

Numerous events of the month were actively joined not only by volunteers and employees of the Company, but also by the charity project “Our Health is in Our Hands” of the program “Walking into Health” of the United World Cultures Foundation. The primary task of the project, according to the project coordinator Lyudmyla Lysenko, remains unchanged from year to year - taking care of children, providing the necessary medications to people with disabilities, families who find themselves in difficult living conditions.

The current visit of Lyudmila Lysenko to Obukhiv (Kyiv region) was distinguished by a meeting with the chairman of the Obukhiv district organization of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine Galina Baukova, in the framework of which they discussed further effective and targeted assistance to crisis families to provide free medicines from the UWCF Charity Fund. The Fund will continue to fulfill its mission of helping those who need it.

People in rural areas of Obukhiv district are needs a help. Who has a person with a disability who needs special care, families in a crisis and critically in need of medicine, large families barely cope with difficulties. Today we talked with people, heard their troubles. And already the second half of the day was completely devoted to the collection and staffing of sets of necessary medicines.

“Let's join our good deeds in the treasury of kindness, hope and mercy. Remember, your kindness, affection and help for your neighbour will return to you a hundredfold. Love your neighbour as yourself and let the slogan “You are not alone! We are together! ”Will bring peace, happiness, harmony and love to every family. I express my sincere gratitude to the UWCF Charity Fund and Arterium Corporation for the free medicines provided,” - summed up the chairman of the Obukhiv district Organization of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine Galina Baukova.

The Red Cross Society is an organization that embodies mercy, humanism and support.