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Celebration of the International Children's Day in Novoborova orphanage (for girls)

Date: May 30, 2019

Every year at the beginning of summer, the whole world celebrates a joyful and cheerful children's holiday - International Children's Day. On the eve of the holiday, on May 30, the students of the Novoborova orphanage, where girls with special needs live, were visited by employees of the UWCF, volunteers from Zhytomyr with foreign volunteers from Germany and detdom.info volunteers.

This orphanage became home for 104 children, all of them are Group II disabled with a diagnosis of “oligophrenia in the imbecility stage”, with cerebral palsy, with physical disabilities and mental disorders, deprived of parental care, orphan children. Such children require special attention and care.

The director of the institution, Volodymyr Korbut, with trepidation, takes care of all the pupils in a fatherly way. He proudly conducts a tour of the buildings that are more than 87 years old, and, despite their “respectable” age, they are fully adapted to the needs of such children. There are specially equipped game rooms, a gym, a wonderful playground in the courtyard, and a plot of land where vegetables and fruits are grown. Children often arrange sightseeing trips.

On this holiday, quite a lot of guests came to the boarding house with gifts and entertainment programs.

We loaded the “gifts” from the United World Cultures Foundation - sweets, juices from the Kiev City Charity Fund “FoodBank”, two bags of new T-shirts, shampoos from detdom.info volunteers.

On arrival we got just for the holiday: the children sang, almost everyone was wearing beautiful embroidered shirts.

They are discreet and collected, politely accepting sweet gifts from guests, and with a businesslike look carry boxes to the kitchen. Girls for joy do not hold back emotions, and the eyes shine. They have at least three reasons for joy. Firstly, they love guests, secondly, today they have a holiday, and thirdly, three months of such a long-awaited summer!

The guests congratulated the children on Children's Day. We wished them health, happiness and a lot of smiles!