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An older friend


Thousands of pupils graduated from the communal educational institution "Korostyshiv special boarding school" of the Zhytomyr region during the period of its existence. The life path of each graduate of the school is the litmus test in which the result of working together with volunteers, sponsors is shown; and we can see whether the conditions of the start of adulthood was granted to graduates or not. We believe that children will withstand the most important life exam - the test for humanity, loyalty to their school, the exam for self-realization in adulthood.

For teenagers, it's very important to have normal friendly relations, something that you can not buy for money - communication, attention and acceptance, the opportunity to get advice, solve the problem, feel that you have an older friend, that you are protected.

On the eve of the prom, the "United World Cultures Foundation" and volunteers from detdom.info along with the graduates of Korostyshiv special boarding school recalled the taste of childhood - baked potatoes in foil. The potato was very delicious with a unique aromatic haze, and the seasoning was the life story of a volunteer for graduates.

Yevgeny Klimchuk, the volunteer curator from detdom.info, is a friend who is always nearby, who helps, supports and teaches pupils. Children feel that he is an honest, responsible person. A volunteer, whom you can call and tell some secrets, or open your soul. If not Eugene, then who can honestly, frankly tell about his life's mistakes, who can give the children advice? An older caring friend, who became a significant person for teenagers, who wants and can devote his time, knowledge and strength to them, stimulates their right life choices, increasing their self-esteem.

Preparing a child for an adult independent life and social adaptation is not easy ... But we know that graduates will overcome life barriers with good health, because they have an older friend.