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Cooperation for the sake of human health

Date: June 2019

The program "Walking to the Health Land" of the United World Cultures Foundation has well established cooperation with the Shevchenko District Organization of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine in Kyiv. Evidence of this is the ongoing common charity actions.

In particular, it has become a good tradition when the low-income inhabitants, who are in difficult living conditions, are invited weekly to the regional organization of the Red Cross in order to provide them with charitable help – medicines from the UWCF Charity Fund.

Within two weeks, the nurses of the Shevchenko district organization of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine handed over Enzystal medicine (from LLC "Zaydex UA") to crisis families, lonely pensioners, which, thanks to its multi-component composition can deal with symptoms immediately on several fronts.

In turn, Natalia Ponomariova, Head of the Shevchenko District Organization of the Red Cross of Ukraine thanked UWCF Fund staff members for the opportunity to jointly assist people: "Our cooperation was start at the "Just Like Me" Family-Inclusive Festival during practical classes for children from the orphanage, and then moved to the organizational and coordination level. The main purpose of our activity is to help the population in a difficult circumstances, we care about lonely people of retirement age, people with disabilities, children, internally displaced persons. Cooperation with UWCF is implementing in such directions as: health education, health care, knowledge dissemination, social support. We pay a lot of attention to the prevention of socially dangerous diseases, in particular tuberculosis, we are making a lot of effort to attract young people to healthy lifestyle."

People express their gratitude to the benefactors and the Zaydex UA for support and assistance.