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Hearing Aids from the UWCF’s Project “HEAR THE WORLD” for a Music Teacher

Date: December 2020

95-year-old Leonid Malchevskyi is a music teacher, clarinet musician, conductor, head of the children’s brass band Fanfare and participant in World War II (Wikipedia). He recently lost the opportunity to enjoy communication with young people and the world around him. His joy of life was brought back by the “HEAR THE WORLD” project for children and adults of the UWCF’s program “Walking to the Health Land”.

Representatives of the Gostomel United Territorial Community contacted the UWCF’s program “Walking to the Health Land” to advise experienced hearing aid specialists and a competent otolaryngologist, who are well aware of the latest developments in the field of hearing aids, and will be able to solve the hearing problem for an active Gostomel resident.

Leonid has age-related bilateral hearing loss, so it is imperative to wear two hearing aids that are able to synchronize with each other, thus forming one acoustic system, which gives the user a more complete and rich sound picture of the world around them.

“The choice of hearing aids can only be called competent if it is preceded by several important stages. First of all, the patient is invited to undergo diagnostic measures. These measures will help to identify the degree and nature of the hearing problem. Examination with professional equipment does not cause any side effects. Modern equipment is capable of high accuracy recording of the dynamics of changes in the sound perception of Leonid Malchevskyi. The device is configured in accordance with the detected level of disorders. To ensure complete tightness and absolutely stable fixation, we also make ear molds for to the patient. Otoplasty specialist Oleksii Kozych will work with impressions of both ears. Before fitting, the specialist takes an impression of the auditory canal, which is then sent to the laboratory to create a custom-fit ear mold. It will ensure better sound quality and significant fixation reliability”, commented Nataliia Koniushniak, hearing aid specialist at the Good Hearing Workshop.

Representatives of Gostomel UTC expressed their sincere gratitude to the “HEAR THE WORLD” project for children and adults of the UWCF’s program “Walking to the Health Land” for support, understanding and hope for further cooperation.