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BBQ season is open

Date: April 8, 2017

Finally a real spring is here, and the sun caresses us with its warm rays! It's time for picnics. Volunteers from detdom.info and the Volunteer Movement of the City of Korosten of the Zhytomyr Region, and staff of the "United World Cultures Foundation" decided to open the barbecue season together with the pupils of the Pugachivka orphanage (for girls who are ill with oligophrenia in the stage of imbecility, Down syndrome, children deprived of parental care, orphans) and arrange a real picnic.

A picnic is a feeling of freedom and joy, when you breathe deeply and enjoy the taste of food cooked over an open fire. Even ordinary bread seems much tastier when you eat it along with fragrant grilled sausages. This is a new experience for our special girls, because they have never seen how the sausages are cooked over an open fire. Girls are isolated from society, but they have real friends who gradually open the world to them.

“We carefully chose a place for our picnic, discussed everything with the volunteers and the directorate in advance, picked up the appropriate menu, prepared an entertainment program and discussed how to show the girls how to cook food over an open fire, so the children could get maximum enjoyment in a safe and comfortable forest area. Unfortunately, not all children will be able to go out on a picnic, because there is a lot of seriously ill princesses”, commented the curator of detdom.info Oksana Zolotukhina.

Our picnic was going to be excellent. However, when at five in the morning the volunteers noticed a shower outside the window, and the rainy weather was predicted for a whole day in the capital, we were really nervous. The road was a bit extreme, the rain was not about to stop... The phone call from the director of the orphanage pleased us with the message, that they have a bright sun and a burning fire already, the girls look out of all the windows!

Korosten welcomed us with the sunny weather.

It was an incredibly active, bright, tasty and full of fun therapeutic-picnic! Our special girls were transforming, dancing and having fun. It was very touching, sincere and heart-warming!

“Thanks to all volunteers who responded to our call for a picnic for special girls. Guests of this holiday are wonderful children; thanks to them, the adults can follow the path of good! The purpose of the organization of a picnic is not only to arrange a special holiday for children, but also to show everyone that communication with special children is the communication with equals,” commented the representative of the "United World Cultures Foundation" Lyudmila Lysenko.

There was a true happiness on the faces of special children!

Do you want to do good deeds? Take your friends and let's visit these special princesses once a month together!