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UWCF Brings a Little Happiness to Kids at Bila Tserkva Children’s Residential Care Home

On 5 November 2016, team members of United World Cultures Foundation visited Bila Tserkva Children’s Residential Care Home, accommodating 173 disabled children and youth aged between 8 and 35 (infantile cerebral paralysis, Down’s syndrome, autism, epilepsy, psychological and physical development disorders, moderate and profound mental retardation).

On this visit, charity foundation UWCF brought some more necessary things for the residential care home, including medicines (nose drops and oral sprays for mouth and throat), personal hygiene products (soap and toothpaste), and stationary materials (exercise-books, coloured paper and plasticine).

The facility’s administrative personnel expressed their gratitude to UWCF for the gifts, but the most important thing for the kids was the attention they received. This time, together with Ilona Knyshuk and Olena Kobets, Bila Tserkva Children’s Residential Care Home was visited by many guests, such as volunteers of Social Harmony who organized this trip, graduates of National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, students of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, young students of Uzyn’s school No. 2, as well as youngsters attending the Souvenir hobby group. The volunteer organization Social Harmony has been patronizing Bila Tserkva Children’s Residential Care Home for quite a while now. This visit was the twelfth one for them, whereas United World Cultures Foundation joined the Social Harmony’s volunteer group for the second time.

Social Harmony teams up many caring people who help those in need. This trip was no exception, having grouped together a large number of people of different age to visit the children’s residential home and devote a part of their free time to the facility’s inmates. On Saturday, attention was plenty for everyone as art classes took place in the facility’s each and every group. All inmates, from the youngest to the oldest ones, were excited to make a cockerel with their own hands. Of course, there was some singing to the guitar too.

Ilona and Olena were really impressed by one of the kids, Slava, who is gifted and sort of unique in his abilities. The boy can tell immediately and without effort the day of the week when you were born and all astrological data just by knowing your date of birth. Slava is also much interested in geography, history and foreign languages.